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Laser Cutting Norwich

Laser Cutting and  Engraving

Our laser cutting and engraving service is devoted to quality, precision and innovation. We use the most advanced laser technology. Our team is dedicated to producing short lead times and an outstanding finish - every time. 

We can respond to almost any request or design brief.


We offer laser cutting, laser marking as well as laser engraving  services with the technology to work with materials as diverse as metal, wood, foam, leather, ceramics and even fabric.

HPC LS1290 Pro Laser

Our laser cutting and engraving machine is the HPC LS1290.


The LS1290 has a large capacity work area, capable of meeting high workload demands.

We can work with surfaces up to 1200mm x 900mm, and we can accept designs and artwork in most file formats.

We can cut and engrave the following materials:


Paper, card and print media



Acrylic, nylon and other non-PVC plastics



Latex and rubber

Plywood and MDF

Wood and wood veneers


Glass, granite, slate and marble 

Anodised and coated metals

Uncoated metals*

Get a quote

If you have a project you would like us to quote for, please get in touch with us today. We respond quickly and will tell you how long the job will take.


We don’t mind quoting multiple options so don’t be afraid to ask us for different quantities, materials or sizes.

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