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Prom Party Packages

We have put together some prom party decoration packages for the perfect work party.


We know each event is individual so putting packages together can be a bit tricky! We have bundled together some of our favourite items in different formations to suit different budgets, the venue and size of your event.

Don't forget that you can view some items included in the packages on our prop hire page. You can use the filter to look for specific product groups!

The Prom Party Packages

Prom party decoration has become increasingly popular and we have been involved in some EPIC prom events. Using our experience we have built 4 different packages to complement these events.

These packages can also be amended, so if they don't quite fit in with your plans, then just get in touch so we can help.

Additional items can also be found in the shop

Don't forget! We can also offer full venue draping and venue theming too. Just get in touch with your venue details so we can provide a quotation for you.

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