Micro Wedding Ceremony and Intimate Celebration Packages

With the ever growing uncertainty around Coronavirus and the impact on wedding celebrations as we know them, we are starting to see a lot more Micro Weddings and Intimate Ceremonies going ahead. High five you guys!


​With recent announcements from Boris allowing smaller Intimate Wedding Celebrations and Socially Distanced Events to still go ahead we have decided to launch our Micro Wedding Packages to help take the stress out of postponements, cancellations and last minute planning. ​Just because your wedding is small, it doesn’t mean your choices need to be!


We’ve got 1000's of different items in our hire range to match every theme, so we have pulled together some of our most popular products to help give your micro wedding and intimate celebration the WOW factor it deserves.


So whether you’ve got 15 guests or 30, we’ll make sure your micro wedding makes a memorable impression for all the right reasons. Love over Lockdown right?


All prices include delivery, set up and collection and if that isn't enough, we are also offering a 10% discount on any future booking should you choose to go ahead with a further celebration once Covid 19 restrictions are a thing of the past.


So what are you waiting for?

  • Joint Micro Ceremony and Intimate Celebration

    So, if you’re thinking... “Right! Covid can do one, I’m not waiting any longer, we planned on getting married in 2020 and that’s what we’re going to do!” Then we can help. Yes, even if your wedding is in just a few weeks (we love a challenge!) So if you are planning the works then this package is for you.


  • Micro Wedding Ceremony

    Intimate Weddings are definitely emerging as the new wedding trend and each one feels like a little victory for love over lockdown. If you are planning a Micro Wedding Ceremony then this package is for you.


  • Intimate Celebration

    So your ceremony details have been taken care of, or you have already tied the knot? All that's left is the Intimate Wedding Reception and we have just the package for you.


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