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Cream Cherry Blossom Canopy Tree

Black Lily Vase

Cherry Blossom Canopy Tree in Cream

Why not decorate your venue with these stunning cream cherry blossom canopy trees!

*Price is for 1 canopy tree, Picture shows 2 canopy trees*

Gap between tree trunks with branches touching - 3.7m (we can move them apart further but the branches won’t meet in the middle)

Minimum width of space required - 6.4m outside edge of branches

Minimum height required - 3.5m

Height from the floor to the bottom of the branch is 2.2m

The Canopy Tree is available in:
Pink Cherry Blossom
Cream Cherry Blossom
Fuchsia Cherry Blossom
Ruscus with White Blossom
Tropical Palms
Autumnal Foliage
Trailing Ruscus


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£125 +VAT Each

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