Venue Draping

Whether you would like to cover up a venue completely with drapes or just enhance certain areas., we can help!

Wedding drapes are a great way to transform any venue into a beautiful, softly styled space. We have provided wedding drapes in plain conference rooms, countryside barns and marquees.

Our most popular drapes are white pleated drapes, star cloths, and fairy light curtains, which are all fire retardant. Although the standard for weddings does tend to involve white draping, we do stock many other colourful drapes too.


Our white wall drapes are made from a much thicker type of fabric and are a true white in colour, unlike most other white drapes like polyline and travera (marquee lining), which is commonly used.

Planning a corporate or themed event? Don't worry, we have this covered too!! We also offer black drapes or event printed draping. We can also offer dual layered draping for a more extravagant look and feel


If there are no attachment points in the venue, we have a free standing pipe and draping base system which allows us to erect our drape designs almost anywhere. We are specialists in venue draping, so whatever you wish to achieve with draping, we can do it.

Our venue draping service is based in Norfolk, but we do venture to other UK destinations too


Every venue is different and so are people’s ideas so please feel free to contact us to see how we can help any further.

Venue Draping