Top Reasons Why You Should Have A Wedding Videographer

Being involved in the wedding and events industry means we get to meet and work alongside some amazing suppliers and service providers.

So let us introduce you to our first guest blog for 2018 from the very talented Mike Savory.


Wedding Videography

You may or not be surprised that many couples choose not to hire a wedding videographer. I know that videography is an added expense, but genuinely you will find it’s worth it. Here are some reasons why:


The Day Will Fly Past!

You will probably get to the end of your big day and find yourself in either the ‘wedding day is a blur’ category or the ‘I can remember it all clearly’ category.

I still remember today that one minute we were just arriving at our venue, and the next it was the last song! (New York New York of course). A wedding film can help you remember all the small details, preserve the big moments and experience some of the things you didn’t even get to see at the time.