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Top Reasons Why You Should Have A Wedding Videographer

Being involved in the wedding and events industry means we get to meet and work alongside some amazing suppliers and service providers.

So let us introduce you to our first guest blog for 2018 from the very talented Mike Savory.


Wedding Videography

You may or not be surprised that many couples choose not to hire a wedding videographer. I know that videography is an added expense, but genuinely you will find it’s worth it. Here are some reasons why:


The Day Will Fly Past!

You will probably get to the end of your big day and find yourself in either the ‘wedding day is a blur’ category or the ‘I can remember it all clearly’ category.

I still remember today that one minute we were just arriving at our venue, and the next it was the last song! (New York New York of course). A wedding film can help you remember all the small details, preserve the big moments and experience some of the things you didn’t even get to see at the time.


Capturing the More Than Just a Moment

A great wedding photographer will capture images of a moment in time, but a wedding videographer can capture both movement and sound. You will get to see and feel the emotion, genuinely reliving your magical day.

You will hear the laughter as the best man starts his character assassination of the groom, watch your first kiss as newlyweds and look back on all those beautiful moments that happen during the day. They say a picture speaks a thousand words, but a film will bring all those words to life!


Wedding Videos Are Shareable

The internet and social media have brought a real change in just how easy it is to share your wedding video with your friends and family. Most wedding videographers will provide a short form video alongside any main features. You can share this on Facebook as easy as telling them what you are eating for tea!

One to watch out for here is to ask your videographer how they handle music licensing because the music used in the video must be correctly licensed. Usually, you will find that videographers will use unknown music licensed by either The Music Bed, Songfreedom or SoundStripe.

If you know the song, then there is a possibility it hasn’t been licensed correctly (Songfreedom now do license chart music, but it is a lot more expensive).


An Art in its Own Right

So I often hear people say “I have a photographer, I only need someone to film the ceremony”. Modern wedding videos are so much more than just documenting the day (while that is important); they are an art in themselves. A well-produced wedding film can make you laugh, make you cry and have you saying “aww” throughout.



Put simply, you have put hours and hours into the planning, you have put your heart and soul into the day but once it is over what will you be left with? Hopefully, a beautiful wedding video that you can watch over and over again! In my case, my little girl just wants to see Mummy dressed as a princess!!



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