So let's talk flower walls!

With spring almost upon us and the promise of warmer weather, daffodils, and blossoming trees, there is not a better time for our next guest blog!

This time it's the guys over at Prestige Events and Weddings giving you the low down on their fabulous Flower Walls and Floral Backdrops.

You can find full contact details at the bottom of this blog. Enjoy!

Ever since Kayne West and Kim Kardashian got married in front of two 20 foot walls of fresh flowers in 2014, flower walls have been all the trend in the wedding world and are still going strong. Everyone loves them, and we can't get enough of them. Kim and Kayne opted for fresh flowers and their 20ft walls were made of roses, peonies and gardenias. We all know that famous picture of them getting married in front of the two flower walls with a beautiful hint of sun shining through. Could it be any more perfect?

Kim and Kanye West - Flower Wall

Well....We are here to help! With flower walls still all the craze in the wedding world, we can help create ever-lasting images from your special day to treasure forever. If you're a little OCD like me, the perfect picture is so important. It's not just how you look, what you're wearing or how your hair looks, it's the background details and all the finishing touches around it. We have 8 different styles of luxury flower walls at Prestige in various colours to suit any colour scheme or event.

So, a little bit about our walls. Our flower walls are 8ft by 8ft, completely free standing and weighted down for safety. Our luxury flower walls are made from high quality silk flowers and they consist of thousands of silk flowers which are hand crafted and applied individually to create a realistic and natural looking floral backdrop.

Some of our brides ask us, apart from looking blooming perfect, what can flower walls actually be used for?

Well, why not position your flower wall behind your top table? You can't get a much more picture perfect than a wall full of beautiful blooms behind you while you and your loved ones celebrate at your wedding breakfast.

Let's face it, after you're married and you are all sat down, all focus is on you and your top table. This is where your photographer and your guests will capture a lot of images.