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Updated: Mar 12, 2022

Getting married is one of the most monumental days of your life, the planning of which can put a whole lot of pressure on the couple tying the knot.

Opinion requests, colour questions and cake queries can all cause conundrums and quarrels for even the most secure of lovebirds but, have no fear, we’re here to share with you our five top tips to help you to not ruin your relationship wedding planning.


Remember; it’s your day, do it your way

Epic Wedding Day
Photo Credit: Tim Stephenson Photography

Note down what you two want your day to look and feel like, start a scrap book or create a PowerPoint presentation, do whatever floats your boat, it doesn’t really matter how you record your plan just do; and stick to it!! It’s so easy to lose sight of what you two have your hearts set on when friends and family start to suggest alternative ways of doing things but it’s not so easy to take back what you said about your partners great aunts afterparty additions once the bubbles have been drank.


Hire in help!

Epic Wedding
Photo Credit: Tim Stephenson Photography - Toastmaster Bob Lloyd

Accept it from the off; you can’t do it all yourself. Isn’t life tough enough already without also having a wedding to plan? The pets/kids don’t get any easier to manage, work doesn’t pause with pay and those household bills don’t suddenly stop coming just because you two have decided to be together until 'death do us part' so its only natural that choosing your chair covers and learning your YouTube crashing first dance routine could add to both of yours stress levels. This is exactly the reason why there are such things as wedding and event planners; they save you money, they save you time and they save you losing your venue deposit when you forget the meeting with the florist cos you were more interested in the footy scores.


Date again

Epic Wedding
Photo Credit: Tim Stephenson Photography

Go out for a meal or cook something special indoors, go ice skating or to the cinema, go to the pub and sing karaoke, it doesn’t really matter what you do as long as (it’s with your significant other) you don’t mention the ‘W’ word. Use your date to chat about random stuff, laugh together, check in with each other, remember why you want to marry this person; go get back to being the loved up couple you’ve always been.


Be fierce financially

Epic Wedding
Photo Credit: Tim Stephenson Photography

Set your budget and stick to it; it really is that simple.


Consider a compromise

Even the most perfectly paired of us can disagree at times, it’s healthy, it’s what makes us us, but, when you’re surrounded by decisions and dilemmas at times such as, oh I don’t know, wedding planning for example, it’s uber easy for tiny issues to become major incidents; and that’s not really what we’re going for. Compromise isn’t fun or particularly easy but it does make for a much more fun time between the pair of you, so do try….please….. If all else fails and you can’t find a solution that reflects both of your ideas then go for something totally different, shelf your original idea and work towards another together then no one is left feeling like they’re missing out.


It is possible to survive the planning process and make it to the chapel, we promise, all of these (potentially) rough bits are just a little moment in your forever, they are snippets of time you’ll probably look back on and giggle at in the not so distant future, so please do take your time to preserve your relationship with your favourite person, go easy on each other and look forward to the honeymoon.


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