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How to heal the post wedding blues.

All that planning, all that excitement and all that perfect setting creating spending; done, finished, gone, in the space of a day. It doesn’t matter if you spent years creating your wedding day dream or a spattering of spare time on your simplistic special soiree, when the moment has passed, the last crumb of cake has been cleared away and the severity of the hangovers are such a hazy memory that loved ones have agreed to drink again, it’s only natural to feel, well, a bit lost.

We love helping our clients to create their perfect moment’s but we also want to see them step into married life in a blissfully loved up bubble rather than a limp and partially deflated balloon; here’s our top 5 tips to help to heal those post wedding blues;


1. Mr & Mrs goal setting

Venue: The Boat House - Norfolk

You may have loved the planning process involved in creating your special day, the working towards achieving a set goal as a team; well why not apply that process to your future with your new spouse? Sit down and create a life bucket list, discuss how you intend to tick each item off, ponder each other’s careers alongside your more personal ambitions and be excited about your future.


2. Celebrate the moments captured on camera

Photo Credit: Tim Stephenson - Venue: The Old Rectory, Gt Melton

If you hired a photographer or videographer make the moment of receiving and reviewing their handy work a special one. Gather close family and friends or turn it into a date night; elaborate your evening of reminiscing and really take your time to enjoy those precious memories.


3. Squad goals

Photo Credit: Jonny MP Photography - Venue: Waxham Barn - Norfolk

Maybe you miss your wedding squad? Those people who helped you through the planning process, those you had to gather together to discuss ideas; the closeness of it all, those people are still around, just create new reasons to get together.


4. Put the honeymoon on hold

Consider having a short local break together immediately after your wedding but hold off on the main event; you’ll have something else to look forward to and it won’t get lost in the matrimonial whirlwind, you’ll both be more chilled by the time it comes around and be more able to enjoy it.


5. Sort through your stuff

All those bridal magazines and venue information booklets; ditch them. Have a sort through that pile of paperwork, keep little bits of memorabilia but recycle the rest, create space in your world for new Mr and Mrs things; you can’t be moving forwards if you're surrounded by the past.


We hope that these ideas help you through your post wedding day phase of things and we encourage you to remember that fact; that it is only a phase, it’ll pass, just keep on looking forwards into your exciting new life together and you’ll soon find another amazing moment to focus on.

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