How to stay calm on your big day.

Updated: Apr 1

Photo Credit: Sam Gee Photography. Venue: Oxnead Hall

Butterflies charging about your belly, feelings of faintness, a hint of nausea, sweaty palms and a lingering 'full of fear' factor are all on your most wanted list when it come to your big day, whatever kind of day that may be, right?!...

WRONG! Whatever the occasion; part of our service is to ensure that you go into your special event feeling great, enjoying it from the off, these things (may) only happen once and we want you to remember it for all the right reasons and not all the wrong feelings. With this in mind we thought we’d offer up a few hints and tips to help you to keep your zen;

1. Outsource...EVERYTHING!!

Photo Credit: Mak Nortcliffe Photography. Venue: Manor Mews

Take the finding, booking, gathering and displaying out of your hands and place it in the palms of a professional; something that takes you a week (or two) will take a wedding planner a couple of days, they won’t be fitting it in around another full time job, school runs, school plays and all that other ‘stuff’, they’ll have the best contacts and be able to negotiate the best prices.

2. Reduce your rush.