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White Painted Back Acrylic - Gold Vinyl Signage Set

Black Lily Vase

Acrylic Painted Back Signage Set

A set of 9 mixed white painted back acrylic signs with gold vinyl to decorate your wedding venue. These signs come in a variety of sizes and cover every aspect of your wedding day.

Signs Included:
"Welcome To Our Forever"
"Welcome To Our Wedding"
"Pick A Seat Not A Side We're All Family Once The Knot Is Tied"
"We Know You'd Be Here Today If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away"
"Welcome To Our Unplugged Ceremony Kindly Turn Off Your Devices And Enjoy This Moment With Us"
"Cards And Gifts"
"Please Sign Our Guest Book"
"In Loving Memory"
"Sweets For My Sweet"


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£65 +VAT

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