Are you Shredding for the Wedding?

Is there a big event coming up soon and you have been saying how you want to “get in shape” for it?

So, you’ve got a date set. You have an outfit in mind (you’ve probably tried it on), and now you’re counting down. Often this countdown is in months. Often it’s in weeks. But one thing that is common is wanting to look the best you possibly can, not for anyone else, but because you want to feel confident, and you have a sneaking suspicion that if you ate a little better and exercised a little more, you would probably feel a bit better, mentally and physically.

Shredding for the Wedding

There is so much information out there about the “best” way to change your physique, lose body fat, improve your health, flatten your tummy…. The bookshelves groan with cookbooks and celebrity “how I totally did this or that in x amount of time” books.

Why are there so many? Because there isn’t one simple answer. The key lies in identifying what YOUR goals are and finding the best way for YOU to achieve it. What works for one person will not necessarily be right for everyone. Of course, there are going to be some standard approaches to a lifestyle that are going to be beneficial (such as eating your vegetables, drinking enough water…), but losing fat, gaining muscle, finding exercise you love…these are all things that can be different for everyone.

So, this blog is going to try to show you how to by making some small changes you can feel that you are achieving those goals.

So….to achieve a goal, you need a goal. And it needs to be sensible.

Nearly all of my clients tell me their goal is to “lose weight”. I always reply with “If your scales showed a stone more but you had defined muscles and were a dr