Planning your Wedding - How to get the most out of your budget

Did you know that the average UK wedding in 2021 cost £17,300? Now we know better than most that everyone’s wedding is unique and special to them and the things that matter most will be very different from one couple to another. And whether you have a bigger or smaller budget than the UK average, costs can always begin to escalate, and we’re here to help you stay on track!

Read on for our Epic tips on how to maximise your Wedding budget!

First things first, what is your Wedding budget?

Have you sat down with your partner to discuss your finances? If not then you need to make a drink, sit them down, grab something to take notes, and have a lot of patience! Sometimes working out your budget can be hard but we promise it will make everything else you plan and book from this point on a WHOLE lot easier.

Also, have any of your family or friends suggested instead of a gift they would like to help contribute towards the wedding? If so, write a list of items you want at your wedding that have a range of different prices and share it to them so then they can pick what they would like to pay for and you can tick that off your list.

What’s your vision for your Big Day?

Have you discussed your colour scheme or your theme? There are so many different themes for your wedding such as, rustic, traditional, boho, modern and so many more. Once you have your theme decided and your colour scheme in place, everything will come together and you can then have a look at venues that will suit the theme that you want.

Get creative and make a vision board, this will help when you pick your suppliers. This could include colour samples, centrepieces and lighting ideas. Make sure when you are searching for inspiration photos to suit your chosen theme, that you are looking for inspiration that will meet your budget to avoid disappointment.

Search for local wedding fairs, so you can attend them to get some ideas in person. This will help you to visualise the items and also help you identify what things you may have not thought about. Also attend venue open days so you can see how the venue would be set up on your day, during the open days you can also meet suppliers that will be able to make your special day just what you have dreamed of.

Check out instagram! Using hashtags in the search bar on instagram such as #wedding, #weddingsupplier #weddinginspiration, using these hashtags will help you to find lots of inspiration images and you can add some