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Top tips for choosing your hair stylist or makeup artist.


Set yourself up a Pinterest board. One for hair, one for makeup or one for both combined. Find pictures that fit your theme and have a similar dress to you so you get a feel for what you would like to look like on your big day. Once you have done this you can then start your search for the perfect hair and makeup artist. Bear in mind that they will likely get booked up 1-2 years in advance! So as soon as you have your venue booked and style sorted, get looking. Be prepared to put down a small deposit to secure your wedding day.



Invest some time in to looking for who’s right for you. Check out their portfolio and love all of what you see. Be sure to look out for filters over makeup shots, look for an artist that uses photos in natural light that hasn’t smoothed out the photo so there’s no real skin left!



Be happy to pay extra in travel for that hair or makeup artist that is a little out of town but exactly who you want, they’re likely worth it!



If you have an earlier ceremony and have a large bridal party that are also having their hair and makeup done, bear in mind timings. Sometimes it may be necessary to have another artist come and assist so things run more smooth (and you won’t have to get up in the mega early hours!) Your chosen artist will likely know other artists that they work with and recommend them for your wedding.



Have lots of chats and connect with your artist. Most will be happy to meet you for a consultation before your trial although some may charge for this. Ask how they work on their wedding morning, some do schedules some don’t, some stay with you until the very last minute, some don’t! Be sure you feel confident with who you choose, after all they will be a big part of your wedding morning.



I personally love to hear all about the wedding, how you and your groom met and the rest! It makes the service more personal for you and more relaxed on the morning of your wedding.






Good luck finding the artist for your big day!

Brooke xo


Insta: @bohobeautybox

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