Wedding Traditions - Breaking Free!

Feeling forced to follow age old Wedding Traditions?

In our line of work we often hear from our couples that they feel restricted by wedding traditions, and feel they are forced to follow them. But we're here to let you in on a little secret ... you CAN break free from tradition if you want to!

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Yes you read that right! So, now's the time to grab your partner and discuss what it is that you both actually want and choose to break away from any tradition that doesn’t work for you! Breaking with traditions can also help to free up room in your budget for more of the things you do want, (check out more ways to make the most of your budget here).

So what traditions are couples breaking?

We took to our instagram and asked our followers what tradition they had broken or intended to break. We were overwhelmed with the responses and there was a huge variety of rule breaking going on (loving it!) with everything from no speeches, no top table, no maid of honour, not changing surnames, not being walked down the aisle, to these top three …

The first dance, is very much an expected part of a wedding, but regardless some couples do decide not to have one, we polled our followers and whilst the majority at 85% said they would be having a first dance, 15% said they wouldn’t. This could be because you can’t decide on a song that's suitably symbolic of your relationship, or perhaps you have two left feet and just won't feel comfortable dancing in front of everyone, or simply because it’s not your thing! Whatever the reason, if you don’t want a first dance, remember that the majority does not in fact always rule, at least not when it comes to your wedding day!

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